Yoga Teacher Training India Reviews

  • It was an amazing experience I would not trade for the world. I grew as a person in every way possible. I knew when I signed up that it would be a chance to grow and learn but I had know idea it would be such a positive life changing experience – I am so happy to be certified through Chandra Yoga School! My gratitude for the teachers and fellow yogis cannot be put in words.

    Devin Hogan, USA
  • An amazing experience which has inspired me to want to teach and share my newfound skills and knowledge with others! Wonderful teachers and made great connections with fellow students! Thank you for this life changing experience! Namaste!”

    Rachel Criss, Australia
  • I am really grateful for the time I’ve spent in Chandra Yoga School, the classes were amazing, the teachers are so friendly and the kitchen staff are as well. I am satisfied with myself for choosing the right place and right time to become a yoga teacher. Thanks for everyone that was a part of the course and made this happen.”

    Morgana Garin, Ireland
  • I had the opportunity to do a 200hr Teacher Training Course with Kamal and Jonatan and I can highly recommend it! The way Kamal adjusts is unique and his power seems to be endless... always smiling, always happy!Chandra Yoga School changes my perception about Yoga. I came to the course with the thought of learning “a gentle balancing exercise called yoga.” But now I open my eyes with a new knowledge and deep understanding of what yoga means. It’s a trip, an adventure to come back to your home, your inner-self. Thank you Chandra Yoga to bring me home. Much love and see you back soon.”

    Cathy Pham, Australia
  • First, I would like to say “Thank You” to all staff and teachers. When I was sick here, everyone worried about me, and really helped me, and I appreciate that. It was a good experience for me. It was hard actually, but I got very precious things. All of the things that happened here because of my treasure. I won’t forget about it. It was also hard to take and make the classes in English for me, but friendship helped me very much. There is more important things than language. We all learned about yoga everyday together. Yoga connected us. Now I live with yoga. Yoga is life. I think everything is yoga. This life taught me, yoga can connect the people. Thank you so much!”

    Naoko Kojima, Japan
  • Excellent teachers, great classes and training programs. Best available asana, adjustment, philosophy and pranayama education in the Rishikesh area. Lovely, spacious studios near the Ganga. Recommended for anyone interested in learning or deepening an ashtanga yoga practice. Highly recommend the TTC or intensive courses. Currently enrolled in the 500hr and I'm learning more than I have in my 5 years of yoga practice in just one month!

    Oya D